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Stop House Foreclosures

Do you need help paying your monthly bills? Do you have Liens for past due bills or taxes? Do you have your house for sale to pay your monthly bills? Do you have to sell your house fast? Do need to pay off bills to avoid the bank from defaulting on your property. Do you get frustrated and embarrassed by collection companies calling and leaving messages regarding your past due late payments. Avoid the bank from seizing your property and stop collectors harassing calls take the proper steps to avoid bad credit and bankruptcy. Don't wait till it is to late. Get help fast learn how you can stop foreclosures.

Loan Modifcation

Loan Modifcation
Loan Modifcation,Bank Mortgages

Lowest Rates In Home Mortgage

Best rates in home mortgage loans.Quick loans Fixed Rates see and compare lenders.Online nationwide banking lower your monthly payments. First time house buyers view opportunities to purchase a home.Short sale lender financing practices additional tips into home auction buying zero down mortgage closing.Online bankowned housing search. Perspects to affordable home refinance,1st and 2nd mortgages consider fixed bank rate.Reduce past due mortgage payment defaults,even invest in Bank foreclosures to refinance, flip National REO Bank Owned HUD Homes.

National Bank Homes Sales Data

Malibu and Nationwide Sales Data on National bank owned homes for sale .Highest Volume of foreclosure houses for sale.Bank Owned Homes in Malibu 90265 get the latest info by street block of foreclosure house sales for 90265View location of bank home sales. See map of house sales locations by street number condo name and townhouse development community name.Valueable real estate bank listings to Foreclosure,Bank Sale,Land Buy and also see how agents rank by name in 90265
MALIBU SALES DATA Foreclosure homes, foreclosures, house foreclosures, bank foreclosure, bank owned, Bank Owned Homes, real estate, REO, Nationwide foreclosures.No other sight bring all this real estate info in one place see the latest foreclosures and Median Sale Price. How do they do this with so many houses for sale nation wide now you can view Malibu California Sales Volume.See for yourself Here on this online block site we found Malibu Californias highest value sales in the 90265 zip area.Look no more because we found the info free on every condo and townhouse built in Malibu California 90265 and that's not all!We also found this info for every state in the USA.Thats true National Listing for any location online real estate listings coast to coast housing information and real time house marketing tools use as comparations and Historical Sales Volume

Real Estate Fraud

Real Estate Fraud
Mortgage Scams,Credit Fraud

Zero Cost Mortgage Funding Services

Avoid Real Estate Delinquencies. Stop Past Due Mortgage Payments Public Notices delinque taxes deed liens,bank foreclosure homes short sales. Homeowners avoid bank foreclosings of real estate properties. Answers to Mortgage Delinquencies bank foreclosures bank auctions. Answers to bad credit loans, mortgages and refinancing, fix bad credit reduce monthly pymts loan consolidation refinancing bad credit loans see Southern California Funding Services.
Lowest Zero Cost Mortgage Funding Services. All types, of loan modification, stated income or negative amortization loans mortgage refinancing.Home Equity loan refinance and home equity lines of credit. Fixed rate property loans and variable rate mortgage loans. Zero cost and zero point loans,no cost and no point loans Bank Owned Homes Southern California areas Funding services

Housing Median Income Search

Determine Housing eligibility for Fannie Mae's Area Median Income Search Bank Owned Homes Housing search .MyCommunityMortgage® (MCM®) product.
The 2009 AMIs will be valid until the 2010 AMIs are issued next year (usually mid-year). Please note that Fannie Mae must use the AMIs provided to us by FHFA to determine Fannie Mae's performance on its 2009 regulatory housing goals. For determining Fannie Mae loan eligibility, lenders should refer to these AMIs and may not rely on other published versions (such as AMIs posted on
Search for a 2009-10 AMI by city (MSA) or County (you can also search an entire state by leaving the MSA/County line blank).

Fannie Mae Value Property GeoCoder

The Fannie Mae Property GeoCoder is a free, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) information in real time. This information enables housing professionals to determine a  characteristics related to the property location, including whether a property qualifies for the FannieNeighbors® mortgage option.Fannie Mae Value Property GeoCoder .

The Fannie Mae Property GeoCoderSM enables lenders and other housing professionals to quickly determine whether properties being considered for purchase qualify for a suite of Fannie Mae mortgage options and Community Lending products. These include: the underwriting flexibilities of Fannie Mae's FannieNeighbors® mortgage option, the Self-Help Initiative, and the Smart Commute mortgage pilot.

Geocoding assigns a latitude and longitude to a property address to identify its geographic location. Properties located in eligible areas qualify for the mortgage underwriting flexibilities offered by FannieNeighbors, the Self-Help Initiative, and the Smart CommuteSM mortgage pilot.

New Mortgage Up-to-date

Mortgage Product Access New Mortgage Up-to-date the Home Affordable Refinance Program Overview, Announcements, and Resources Products Check out Fannie Mae's newest product offerings to help lenders serve more borrowers, including two new refinance options Up-to-date information and easy-to-use resources
New Mortgage Up-to-date All Product Guide.
7-Year Balloon
Community Living®
Community Seconds®
Expanded Approval®
Flexible 97®

High-Balance Feature
HomeStyle Renovation
Native American/Section 184
Native American/Section 248
Rural Development/Section 502

Community Seconds®
Expanded Approval®
Flexible 97®
High-Balance Feature
HomeStyle Renovation
Native American/Section 248
Uniform Hybrid 5/1

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)

D4L Deed 4 Lease DIL

Deed-for-Lease Program Announced.A new option for qualified borrowers facing foreclosure (or their tenants) to remain in their home by signing a lease in connection with the voluntary transfer of the property to the lender through a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transaction.

Deed-for-Lease Servicing Guidelines,Deed-for-Lease Program (D4L), allowing qualified borrowers (or tenants) with properties transferred through deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (DIL) to remain in their home by executing a lease in conjunction with a DIL.With the D4L program, servicers should follow their regular process – in accordance with Fannie Mae's workout hierarchy – in considering a borrower for a DIL.

If a borrower is eligible for a DIL (as determined by the servicer), the servicer should notify Fannie Mae if the borrower may also be eligible for the D4L program based on an initial screen of predetermined eligibility criteria.Transfer of property Deed 4 Lease.D4L Deed 4 Lease DIL
- Fannie Mae, or its designee, will take the steps necessary to further verify the property and borrower eligibility, determine the rental rate, and, if appropriate, execute the lease agreement.
- To qualify for D4L, the occupant of the property must have the ability to pay market rent (not to exceed 31 percent of his or her monthly gross income).
- The D4L agreement will be contingent on successful completion of the DIL.

Affordable Loan Information

Are you getting confused with all the Home Affordable Loan Modification programs? These sites provides mortgage servicers with the information and tools needed to participate in the Obama Administration's Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and other program updates related to the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program. A high-level description of this website is available on the About page.
Making Home Affordable (MHA)Affordable Loan Information  Program.
Supplemental Directives are additional program guidelines developed specifically for servicers to provide additional guidance and clarify issues that may not have been fully addressed by previous guideline documents. The Supplemental Directives also provide good high-level and detailed information about the key Making Home Affordable programs. Some Programs may have multiple Supplemental Directives, if required. The Supplemental Directives that are currently available for review include:more

Home Affordable Modification Program designed to enable borrowers that meet eligibility requirements to avoid foreclosure by modifying loans to a level that is affordable for borrowers and sustainable for the long-term.
Second Lien Modification Program designed to enable borrowers struggling with their mortgage to lower payments on second mortgages

Home Buyer Stimulus $15,000 Credit.

Senate Adds $15,000 Stimulus Home Buying Tax Credit . Today's Home Buyer Stimulus $15,000  home buying Tax Credit. Add 10 percent of the purchase price as a credit? Buying a home or thinking of purchasing a home add $15,000 to your purchase power from the Stimulus Bill.Senate approved an addendum to the Obama stimulus plan that really might make this a great time to buy.
 According to a press release about the addendum:

The amount of the tax credit would be $15,000  or 10 percent of the purchase price,Home Buyers  whichever is less. Purchases must be made within one year of the legislation’s enactment, and the tax credit would not have to be repaid.
Stimulus $15,000 Home Buyer Credit.
Current law provides for a $7,500 tax break, but only for first-time home buyers. If passed, the new law would double the tax credit and extend to all home buyers.
You can learn more about the proposal at US News World Report and the Wall Street Journal Blog.
Do you think adding this provision will help encourage home buyers to make a move? We Will See.
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Get Help Now Escalate Before Forclosure

Get Help Get Help Now Escalate Before Forclosure Stay in your home, avoid bank foreclosures.Escalated matters. Borrowers are encouraged to contact their lenders before they miss payments on their loan. Borrowers are encouraged to obtain financial counseling. IMFB’s website for a list and explanation of options Escalate Get Help Now avoid Bank Foreclosure.

Solutions Keep Borrowers in their Home.

Follow the correct Solutions Keep Borrowers in their Home make wize Educated Decision.Solutions to Keep the Borrower in their Home  IMFB is committed to working with borrowers, who experience financial hardship, to keep them in their homes.Chase already is helping families avoid foreclosure. Borrower see on Chase
Structure solutions to provide borrowers immediate relief and long term stability.
Balance borrower needs with investor interests to ensure workout programs can be implemented broadly
Provide alternatives for borrowers who cannot afford reduced payments or do not wish to remain in their homes

Prequalify Find Your Dearm Home

Get Prequalified to buy a home.Bank Owned Homes Free Property Search.  Prequalify Find Your Dream Home. Bank owned homes.New properties updated Keep up with local housing and having the most up-to-date information can sometimes make all the difference. Prequalify Find Your Dearm Home Let IndyMac Mortgage Services, a division of OneWest Bank help you find the home of your dreams.

Reverse Mortgages

Seniors Is your house paid off, do you need money for misc bills? Learn about Reverse Mortgages Free Video informative video.Reverse Mortgages Making an Educated Decision. Available online or in DVD format, it is absolutely free and requesting a copy involves no obligation.
Hear from real seniors who have taken reverse mortgages.Learn the facts you need to know to make an educated decision.Reverse Mortgages,Understand the process for getting a reverse mortgage.Find out how to take the next step see more.Reverse Mortgages
Call 1 800 750 0306 if you have any questions.

Compare Banks Refinance

Refinance Compare the various loan products available. Compare Banks Refinance.Check customized rates available for refinancing Calculate costs and benefits of various loan options.Compare Banks Refinance choose from many different loan options Learn about what kind of loan is best for you. Lower your monthly payments; refinance at a lower interest rate. Switch from an adjustable rate to the stability of a fixed rate. Learn about overcoming payment challenges. Resources to manage your loan. Finance up to 96.5% of your purchase price. One West Bank Indy Mac


Foreclosures Banking resources to questions regarding foreclosed property.Get help to stop and avoid foreclosures all find banks that can help bad credit if you are looking to purchase a Bank Owned Homes at auction.Search listings of foreclosures,and forclosure terms.

First lien second lien house mortgage.

Home Affordable Refinance Program harp. Refinance your home under HARP as long as the amount due on the first lien mortgage is less than 125 percent of the value of the property, borrowers with more than one mortgage may be eligible for a refinance under HARP. Your eligibility will depend,on the lender that has your junior lien mortgage must agree to remain in a junior lien position.
Plus your ability to meet the new payment terms on the first lien mortgage.
Home Affordable Refinance Program HARP is to help borrowers so to get more affordable loans. Refinancing will not reduce the principal amount you owe to the first lien mortgage holder or any other debt you owe. but, refinancing could save money by reducing the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

Refinance Housing Program for Borrowers.

What is Making Home Affordable Refinance Housing Program for Borrowers all about? The Making Home Affordable Program Refinancing Real Estate Housing Program for Borrowers, is part of the Obama Administration's broad,Refinance Housing Program for Borrowers comprehensive strategy to get the economy and the housing market back on track.

The Making Home Affordable Program offers two different potential solutions for borrowers:
Refinancing mortgage loans, through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)
modifying mortgage loans, through the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

Are you eligible for a Home Affordable Refinance?

Are you eligible for a Home Affordable Refinance? If you are a homeowner who is current on your mortgage payments but unable to refinance to a lower interest rate because your home value has decreased, you may be able to refinance.
Home Affordable Refinance
1. Do you own of a one to four-unit home.
2. A loan owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
3. Current on your Mortgage payment that you haven’t been more than 30-days late on your mortgage payment in the last 12 months.
4. I the amount you owe on your first mortgage about the same or less than the current value of your house?
You may be eligible if your first mortgage does not exceed 125% of the current market value of your home. For example, if your property is worth $100,000 but you owe $150,000 or less on your first mortgage, you may be eligible.
Determine if you are eligible,for a  Home Affordable Refinance but only the servicer of your loan can tell you if you qualify. Please contact your servicer for more information.

Lower Mortgage Rates Home Affordable Refinance

Need Help with your home mortgage,Lower Mortgage Rates Home Affordable Refinance.Problems with meeting payments on your loan? If your mortgage loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you may be eligible for a Home Affordable Refinance Lower Mortgage Rates Home Affordable Refinance.To take advantage of lower interest rates. Only loans owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac are eligible.
Lower your Mortgage Interest Rates with Home Affordable Refinance.If your mortgage company can tell you who owns your loan, or you can contact Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac directly by clicking on the links below and completing the forms for each company.

Fannie Mae
•1-800-7FANNIE (8am to 8pm EST)

Freddie Mac
•1-800-FREDDIE (8am to 8pm EST)

Is Mortgage 31% More than Income

Fixed-rate mortgages defaulting is on the rise 10/2009 according to statistics from the Mortgage Bankers Association.Is your Mortgage 31% More than your gross income? There are options available for today's homeowners before they slip into foreclosure.Contact the lender or servicer as soon as you know you could have a problem on your hands.
Homeowners can meet with bank representatives to renegotiate mortgage payments.Discuss ways to save your home from the possibility of foreclosure. Having zero income can be devastating,faced with a layoff, there are ways to escape foreclosure and stay in your home.
People with Mortgages 31% More than their gross Income are talking about "Government Modifications"
1.The Government's Home Affordable Modification Program,lowers monthly payments for borrowers on a debt-to-income ratios. You the borrowers may have to complete a three-month trial period before the modification is finalized.
Is your home your primary residence?
Is the amount you owe on your first mortgage equal to or less than $729,750.00
Have you had a significant increase in your mortgage payment and can not meet your payments,OR
Have you experiences a reduction in your income since you got your current loan OR
Have you suffered a hardship that has increased your expenses (like medical bills)?
Did you get your current mortgage before January 1, 2009?
Is your payment on your first mortgage (including principal, interest, taxes, insurance and homeowner's association dues, if applicable) more than 31% of your current gross income?

This site "Home Affordable Modification"can help you determine if you are eligible, but only the servicer of your loan can tell you if you qualify. To qualify, you will generally need to show that you have adequate income to make the reduced payments on an ongoing basis.Plus the modification could be an option given on your mortgage and the value of your home.

Avoid Foreclosures

Avoid Foreclosures,do you know what to do or who to call to stop foreclosures? My friend lost his job and he was the first one on my block now 4 more people on my block lost their jobs how do we stop foreclosures.Avoid the bank foreclosing on your home stop a home from being sold at Auction.Avoid Foreclosures.Stop house auctions bank owned homes are all over.You know what I am talking about. To all home buyers, make sure you have done all the necessary research before moving forward on a bank owned auction home. Start finding helpful information and services here. Buy a house here are links to Gov.Hud Houses this is where most properties are listed by banks.Bank Owned Homes has tips and services listed to help you find help and stop foreclosure before it is to late.

First Time Buyers Listing of Foreclosure Homes

Government Foreclosures listings Learn about how to win a house of your dreams at auction.View Properties in you Neighborhood or any community you wish worldwide.Buy a Bank Owned Foreclosure Homes at the best price with the lowest financing. Government needs to sell these National Bank Properties of Houses being foreclosed, foreclosing because of bad debt. Some Real Estate Companies have a number of short sales or pre-foreclosure houses most National Banks lists each month their inventory of houses and bargain properties even cars, land, jewelry are defaulted, seized by the Government.First before you start looking you need to be approved for a loan.Get approved fast and easy for a FHA,HUD,FDIC property with little down payment and lowest rate mortgage loan.For you First Time House buyers buy a first House at Auction and even get a credit from the IRS by the United States Government stimulus package.Find a Real Estate Professional Listings for Bank Foreclosure Homes foreclosure homes for sale and at auction .

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